Teeth Whitening Services in Dublin OH

Teeth Whitening for Life

We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice. We also pride ourselves in knowing that our patients are maintaining their best possible oral health. We invite you to participate in Nemcik & Beers Family Dentistry, Inc.‘s “Whitening For Life” program, developed for those patients who are already taking their dental health seriously.

For a discounted fee of $209, the patient will receive the Opalescence tooth whitening system including custom-made, professional, take-home whitening trays and whitening gel or a full set of Opalescence Go disposable trays for personal use. Thereafter, at every regular hygiene visit, the patient will receive another six month supply of teeth whitening gel or trays at no cost. This will also apply to patients who have already received whitening services at our office.

To view the rules and apply for this program, please download the following form to take with you to your next dental visit:

Opalescence Boost Tooth Whitening System

This whitening system is ideal for patients who are looking to ‘jump start’ their custom whitening process. Treatment varies depending upon the patient’s whitening needs. Please ask a staff member for further details on this program.

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